Experts say warm spring means more bugs.

The invasion of creepy crawlers into your yards and homes is underway. Experts tell us the warm spring is bringing roaches and spiders out earlier than normal.

Bob Hill of B&D Pest Control has been busy making the rounds, spraying around homes to kill growing bug populations around the valley.

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The on-going drought has caused a boom in the bug population.

The on-going drought has caused a boom in the bug population. You may have noticed more roaches out seeking water and a place to stay.

Pest control expert Bob Hill treated 42 homes on this day. The biggest complaint – roaches. Even with everyone trying to conserve water due to the drought your yard still offered plenty of hiding places.

Bob Hill of B & D Pest Control said, “The less watering we’re doing so they’re going to be hiding out in these areas – under landscape, under bark, under the tarps like I say may be under the flower bed.”

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Wet weather bringing water and pests to the Valley

Wet weather has made its return to the Valley and with it comes some not so welcome guests at your front doorstep.

“Ants are coming up earlier, rodents have been out– were seeing some millipedes now coming in earlier than normal and just your normal insects,” said Bob Hill, B&D Pest Control.

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Heavy rainfall causes unexpected pest problem for Fresno homeowners.

People aren’t the only ones taking cover this rainy month. Storms and floods are causing rodents to nest and gnaw their way into homes. Pest control workers say they are swamped with calls to treat and trap mice and rats.

Bob Hill makes a living from exterminating rodents. He knows where they breed, where they hide and what they eat. But sometimes even the best find that their defenses have been breached.

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